Marketing New Zealand NZ Home House & Homes For Sale Using Walk Through Video plus Drone Aerial Photos & Photography

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Seller Benefts:

  • Most Property Buyers use the internet to search for properties for sale - high qulaity property video using drone video plus specialised photography and fiming techniques, create engaging contect and buyer enquiry
  • A Property Marketing Video is your open home, 24 hours per day - your walk through property video is available to watch on the internet 24-7, via mobile phones, tablets, home computers and Internet connected Televisions.
  • Using Social Media websites like Facebook quality content such as video increases sellers reach and can create multiple offers for a property
  • Make your house sale stand out from the crowd – Internet users stay over 800% longer on websites that have video and high quality property photography.
  • 90% of home buyers turn to the internet as the frst place to search for and view properties for sale.
  • One off cost – Unlike print advertising, you pay once for a marketing product that lasts the entire duration that your home is for sale.
  • Global reach – Your open home video is available to be watched by potential buyers regardless of where in the world they are.

Prospective Buyer Benefts

  • Using Drone Video allows the buyer to easily see the location and surrounding neighbourhood
  • Professional property photography matched with high quality full motion walk through video bives buyers all the infomation to make an enquiry 
  • Buyers can Review the property after an open home viewing – video is the perfect way to accurately recall the details of the property
  • Easy Access for out of town buyers – Time or geography doesn’t matter. A walk through video is your open home, available to watch, anytime and any where.
  • Buyers can easily share the walk through video with partners, spouses or friends by using a simple internet link to the video.
  • Get a feel of the property – A walk-through video allows a potential buyer to see how the property fows and how rooms connect, without physically being on site.

Online Marketing Benefits

  • Video is the most consumed content on the Internet.  Studies show that Internet Users stay 800% longer on websites that use video content as part of the marketing mix
  • Social Media Marketing Posting a walkthroug video on Facebook is very easy and will result in getting your property exposed to a large network of people
  • Targeted Facebook Marketing - Ask your agent about using the Facebook social network to get your property video promoted to a specific target market using Facebook's "Boost" marketing campaign. For Example, if you have a holiday bach to sell in cable bay and you know that this property would appeal to people aged 40+ in Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin, you can create this targetted marketing using facebook's target marget "Boost" feature.