About Open Homes 247 Walk Through Property Video

AboutUsWhat is openhomes247
New Zealand Video Productions is a Nelson based commercial video production company that films and produces full motion walk-through video productions of Nelson / Tasman properties for sale, including Houses, Sections and Business Premises and markets this Real Estate service using the brand name openhomes247.  

Where is this service available?
We provide this service in the Neslon, Golden Bay and Marlborough Regions.

Who uses this property video production service?
We provide filming and production services to any real estate agent or private home owner that wishes to expose a property to more buyers using online video.

I want my property filmed and a video produced - what is the process?
Once you or your real estate agent has decided to use full motion internet video to promote your home for sale, the next step is to book a filming shoot at your property. Filming usually takes 30 to 60 minutes on site. Editing and uploading to openhomes247.co.nz and our preferred online video hosting service, vimeo.com  usually takes 1 to 3 days. Full motion walk through video productions can be easily uploaded to Facebook for social media marketing or inserted into agency branded websites.

What happens with the completed video production?
When a property has been filmed and edited, we upload the full motion walk through video production to our preferred video hosting service,  vimeo.com.  It is then available for viewing world-wide, 24 hours per day, for the duration of any marketing campaign, using a simple webpage link that we provide. We also add your property to a custom listing witin our website, openhomes247.co.nz.

Where can opehomes247 property videos be viewed?

Our full motion walk through property video productions can be viewed on any internet connected and video compatable device including ipads, iphones, tablets and desktop computers. Direct sources for viewing include 
1. Our website, openhomes247.co.nz,
2. Vimeo Video channel - Direct viewing is available through our youtube channel vimeo.com
3. Any Real Estate agency website that allows video or provides clickable links to your property video hosted on openhomes247.co.nz
4. Your property video can be easily uploaded and shared on Facebook - We recommend using the "boost" feature of the video that Facebook offers - This ensures your propery is exposed to more potential buyers.
5. Email and print marketing - All our listings have a unique web address. This can be used in emails and any printed material that is used to market the property 

Can these property video productions be viewed on mobile devices?
Yes.. any Internet connected smart device that can view internet video productions can play our productions. These include ipods, ipads, tablets, web enabled smartphones

Where else can my property video be viewed?

On any device that is connected to the Internet using broadband, of which has a web browser or application that can play online video. This includes web enabled LCD Television Sets, Mobile and Desktop devices

How can I contact Openhomes247.co.nz
Please either CLICK HERE to email us (This will go to a dedicated contact page)